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Sales Process Audit

  • In-depth analysis of your processes
  • Optimisation of your sales machine
  • Increased sales rep productivity
  • Modernised customer experience
  • Long-lasting results

Zero to Sales (Academy)

  • Tailored in-house sales academy
  • Revenue-ready sales reps
  • Clean and consistent company culture
  • Cut recruitment costs
  • Improved employee retention

Sales Outsourcing

  • Done for you service
  • Pitch optimisation
  • ICP and Targeting definition
  • Appointment setting
  • Consulting on deal closing

Sales Mentoring

  • Specific sales skills enhancement
  • Increased sales reps motivation
  • Improved employee retention
  • Modernised sales techniques
  • Long-lasting results

Recruitment Optimisation

  • In-depth analysis of your recruiting
  • Boost your talent hunting
  • Increased talent pool
  • Access to top performers
  • Long-lasting results

Executive Coaching

  • Vision and strategy creation
  • Permanent soft skills enhancement
  • Conquered limiting beliefs
  • Clear self-made action plans
  • Long-lasting results

The PRocess

If we get along in our Intro Call, the process is simple:

1. A free 60-minute Audit of a specific issue you’re facing

2. A 4-hour super expensive consultation around that issue to test each other

3. A 3-month, slightly less expensive engagement to ensure long-term performance

I couldn’t make it simpler if I tried.

As I’m a solopreneur, each service is specifically tailored to your needs. I can do what I want.

"Giulio built a 3 million GBP per year business from scratch. His passion for prospecting helped many sellers turn a corner.

Ben Jones, CEO of NonStop Consulting

"I loved Giulio's straightforward approach to teaching sales. After only eight hours of training and mentoring, I went from getting two to a minimum of eight opportunities per week."

Mike Handa, Director of BNI

"Giulio built the sales process for our start-up from scratch. His methods are easy to grasp, yet the results are superb. We're now generating 78% more leads weekly without extra effort!"

Lukáš Šiml, CEO of Adwheels

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