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embarassed Are you unsure how to build an effective outbound strategy?

embarassed Is your conversion rate making you sad?

embarassed Do you suck at cold calling?

embarassed Is your idea of multi-channel leaving a voicemail?

embarassed Are you just a little greedy and want more?

embarassed Are you tired of all these questions?

I had more than 3 yeses

That’s my team

Nah, it’s not me, but your content doesn’t suck


From Philosophy Graduate to Recruiter

After graduating with a degree in philosophy in 2013, I realised I could be destined to work in McDonald’s, luckily I ran into this “recruitment thing”.

I joined a recruitment agency with an excellent sales training and went from complete moron to and ok recruiter.

From Recruiter to Sales Director (with Ferrari)

I quickly learned I loved sales, and above all, I loved helping other underdogs build a life for themselves.

By 2017, at the age of 27, I was made a director of that company and built a business unit of 40+ people with an annual revenue of £3m and was awarded a California T as a company car (completely mental, I know).

From Sales Director to Ferrari-less Entreprenuer

After nine years of recruitment and sales, I’d reached the top and decided it was time to start my own as a sales trainer.

I gave up my shiny car and I now help other salespeople and companies achieve their goals through analysis-backed bespoke training plans.

Giulio Segantini, Underdog Sales Founder


While I had some decent experience with sales, outbound was a new creature for me.

Giulio helped me generate new business with minimal resources.

I’d highly recommend him to both sellers and fellow founders.

Mike Handa


After just a few hours working with Giulio, I have a clearer command of how sales works.

Don’t tell him I said so, but I think he’s actually cheap for what he offers.

Marko Vucinic

Founder, CloudTalent

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