Improve your conversions by revamping your funnel

Sales process Audit

Your sales process is like a weapon; you can’t expect warriors to fight with a blunt sword.


Why improve your sales process?

Higher Conversion

A smooth and straightforward sales process will help your sales team be more effective in converting pipeline into revenue.

Save Time

Very often, the sales process becomes so complicated the sales reps get lost. A better process means more time spent selling. 

Better CX

A clear funnel makes it more likely you will be the top choice. Furthermore, a positive customer experience means more referrals.

the process


The first step is to test your process from both the sales rep and customer perspective to ensure it is simple, straightforward, and friendly.


We then analyse the results of the tests and look at potential areas of improvement for all users; some ideas and recommendations are made.


Finally, we help you shape the revised process. The goal is to make it simpler and more effective so that both sales teams and customers will benefit.

Sales Process audit

You’ve probably designed an adequate sales process initially, and because of your experienced, it worked well. Unfortunately, with time and growth, your process is now probably a shadow of what it used to be.

 It’s a boring but necessary activity, which often will revamp the whole business.

According to Datawell, 81% of sales teams don’t regularly audit their processes. A simple audit and re-powering of your process will immediately place you in the top 19% of your segment.

sales audit uk

"Giulio built a 3 million GBP per year business from scratch. His passion for prospecting helped many sellers turn a corner.

Ben Jones, CEO of NonStop Consulting

"I loved Giulio's straightforward approach to teaching sales. After only eight hours of training and mentoring, I went from getting two to a minimum of eight opportunities per week."

Mike Handa, Director of BNI

"Giulio built the sales process for our start-up from scratch. His methods are easy to grasp, yet the results are superb. We're now generating 78% more leads weekly without extra effort!"

Lukáš Šiml, CEO of Adwheels

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