What if you just need more meetings?


Often businesses will need to just create pipeline quickly, this is how.


Why sales Outsourcing?

Rapid Results

You may not have time to retrain your staff and streamline processes. This way, you’ll have someone hitting the ground running. 

Independent Data

You’ll get someone external from the organisation to get market feedback without spending time and resources.

Little Effort

As your prospecting will be outsourced, all you’ll have to do is sit back and run the meetings directly. 

the process

Intake Session

In the first session, you will show me the pains you solve and how to present your company. We will also agree on the market and prospects to target.


You can then sit back and have meetings booked directly in your calendar. 

Bi-weekly catch up

We will discuss the results, and I will provide you with extra information from the conversations with prospects as well as going through reporting.


Sales Outsourcing

Why make things complicated?

If your business needs more meetings, let’s focus on that specifically. The approach will be a phone-first multichannel (phone, email, LinkedIn).

The results will depend on the target industry and seniority level (Enterprise meetings are much harder to get).

This is the only service I have limited capacity for (only one client per quarter), and I only offer it to existing clients as there needs to be mutual trust.


best sales workshop uk

"Giulio built a 3 million GBP per year business from scratch. His passion for prospecting helped many sellers turn a corner.

Ben Jones, CEO of NonStop Consulting

"I loved Giulio's straightforward approach to teaching sales. After only eight hours of training and mentoring, I went from getting two to a minimum of eight opportunities per week."

Mike Handa, Director of BNI

"Giulio built the sales process for our start-up from scratch. His methods are easy to grasp, yet the results are superb. We're now generating 78% more leads weekly without extra effort!"

Lukáš Šiml, CEO of Adwheels

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