Stop losing sleep over an empty pipeline. With Underdogs' outbound sales training for teams.

You can’t grow if your team isn’t prospecting.

Cold Calling is Dead

Sales people not picking up the phone, and when they do, you wish they hadn’t.


Every opportunity is hot, every prospect has the problems. Except, they don’t.

Medieval Process

The scripts are from 70′, or maybe your tech stack is, your quota isn’t though.

What you’ll get:

  • An overly enthusiastic trainer
  • Best practices on outbound sales
  • The tools to maintain this on your own
  • A request for a big fat reference afterwards

Who is this for?

Startups, Scaleups, SMEs

If you’re not an underdog, I’m not interested.

Ambitious Leaders

Who care about outbound.


With ACV over 10k.


All corporate training are fully bespoke and can range from a few hours to long term committment.

You’ll never pay me more than 500 USD per hour.

Prices will decrease with larger commitment.

Disclaimer: I expect salespeople to contribuite – I don’t work with captive audiences.

(EUR and GBP also accepted).

Ready to Get Started?

Having had the privilege of recently being trained by Giulio, I can wholeheartedly say that their expertise and teaching methodology are unparalleled.

He possesses a deep understanding of sales dynamics, techniques, and the nuances that make a difference in the real world. Anyone looking to elevate their sales game would be fortunate to learn from them. Highly recommended!

Gary Ward

Managing Director, GPW

Giulio’s passion for cold calling and prospecting is contagious. He built a business unit from scratch by building a team of 40+ cold callers.

I’d recommend him for his passion and interest in helping junior and underperforming salespeople to get better.

Ben Jones

CEO, NonStop Consulting

Ready to get started?

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