They'd much rather sit on emails and LinkedIn? They bitch cold calling is dead?

Cold Calling has got much harder.

Yet, it’s still the most reliable and effective way to build pipeline.


The three issues I’m invited in to address:

Keyboard Culture

The sales team would rather pull fingernails than make cold calls. When they do, it’s typically to friends and family.

Lacking Confidence

They get on the phone but lack confidence and personality, resulting in awkward conversations leading nowhere.

Poor Phone Skills

There’s a lack of challenging the prospect’s objections meaning the conversion into opportunities is weak.

The Plan

Call Reluctance:

  • Your team will create a plan
  • We’ll ensure we help them
  • We’ll gamify the process

Bespoke Phone Skills Training:

  • 12 sessions around your team’s weaknesses
  • Topics will cover the whole call process
  • E.g.: Opener, Pitch, Objections, Questioning etc.


  • Offline help via WhatsApp, Slack or Teams
  • Supporting your MGMT team
  • Individual coaching

Playbook design:


This is not for you if:

You’re too corporate

My philosophy is to stand out from the crowd, if you don’t like weird, you won’t like me.

Excessive skepticism

If the WHOLE team doesn’t believe at all in cold calling, I don’t do miracles.

Lack of patience

If you expect immediate results, you’re better off looking for a magician.



You’re not convinced yet and want to test me? Get me in for a 55-minute Session.

469 GBP / 599 USD


You have a team with some experience and want to turn them into better cold callers.

6,900 GBP / 8,900 USD

12-week program


You want to move faster and you lack a proper management structure.

9,900 GBP / 12,499 USD

12-week intensive program

Ready to Get Started?

Corporate Testimonials

Giulio’s passion for cold calling and prospecting is contagious. He built a business unit from scratch by building a team of 40+ cold callers.

I’d recommend him for his passion and interest in helping junior and underperforming salespeople to get better.

Ben Jones

CEO, NonStop Consulting

Giulio helped us build our prospecting from scratch. He helped us hire and ramp two SDRs focused on outbound and consolidate the sales process.

In two months, we started averaging 9 monthly meetings per rep, averaging 15K ACV per meeting.

He helped me run better Discoveries and Demo, improving our close rate dramatically.

Phillip Spain

Founder and CEO,

While I had a great product using generative AI, we target very big enterprises, so getting through is not always easy.

With Giulio’s help, we built an automated outbound campaign that helped us secure meetings with large entities like Mercedes and BMW.

I liked his way of making difficult concepts simple and repetable.

Christian Reich

Founder and CEO, Visense AG

Having had the privilege of recently being trained by Giulio, I can wholeheartedly say that their expertise and teaching methodology are unparalleled.

He possesses a deep understanding of sales dynamics, techniques, and the nuances that make a difference in the real world. Anyone looking to elevate their sales game would be fortunate to learn from them. Highly recommended

Gary Ward

Managing Director, GPW

I am already running a successful consultancy, but I started my own SaaS company.

Giulio helped me put together the offer in a more enticing way, as well as building the prospecting process to deliver regular meetings.

Luckily, we hit a strong market need, so only with well-targeted cold email campaigns did we start generating meetings regularly.

Danny Miller

Founder and CEO, Need To Know

When Giulio reached out we were looking for a way to secure more meetings and validate our product.

He was instrumental not just in formulating a more compelling offer but also in setting up the whole outbound process, from calling to emails to LinkedIn.

We now sit with a waiting list of over 50 prospects for our startup.

Juris Baums

Founder and COO, Hyperjob

Ready to get started?

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