Stop losing sleep over the future of your company with Underdogs' outbound sales training for B2B Founders.

Growing a startup is f*cking hard.

Before you start getting inbound leads, you’ll likely be bankrupt. Underdogs’ outbound sales training for B2B Founders will help build your predictable revenue generation.

Lost from the Start

It’s hard to know where to start with building an outbound strategy and process. 

Meetings, please?

Making calls is different to getting meetings when it comes to outbound results. 

Did you say Pipeline?

Building a consistent pipeline is the hardest thing to do.


What you’ll get

ICP & Value Proposition:

  • Understanding and Selling to your ICP
  • Building a List of Dream Prospects
  • Crafting a Pain-Driven Pitch
  • Mastering the Pitch

Lead Generation:

  • Starting with LinkedIn & Navigator
  • Developing a Powerful Personal Brand
  • Building Cold Email Campaigns with Clay
  • Getting Meetings and Feedback with Cold Calling

Discovery & Closing:

  • Discovery like Therapist
  • (Dis)Qualification for Results
  • Making a Resonating Pitch to Pains
  • Never Be Left on Seen Again – Closing


  • Getting Investors on Board
  • Refining a Repeatable Sales Process
  • Build a Futuristic but Simple Tech Stack
  • Hiring and Managing a Top-Notch Sales Team

Targeted Outcome: Remove all obstacles on the road to Series A / 1 million ARR

Who is this for?

Founders in Building Mode

For B2B founders in the process of building their startup.

Humble, Motivated Individuals

Without these qualities, you’ll struggle to learn and apply the training.

Hungry-for-Success Founders 

You need to be willing to get your hands dirty and do prospecting yourself.



You’re looking for guidance and have the time and resources to learn and implement things on your own.

Packages start at 1,999 USD per month.

3-month minimum commitment

(EUR and GBP also accepted)


You have some time available, but you would like most of the activities to be done with you for maximum speed and effectiveness.

Packages start at 3,999 USD per month.

3-month minimum commitment 

(EUR and GBP also accepted)

Done For You

You have zero time available and would like everything to be taken care for you in a bespoke way.

Packages start at 6,999 USD per month.

3-month minimum commitment

(EUR and GBP also accepted)

Ready to Get Started?

Giulio helped us build our prospecting from scratch. He helped us hire and ramp two SDRs focused on outbound and consolidate the sales process.

In two months, we started averaging 9 monthly meetings per rep, averaging 15K ACV per meeting.

He helped me run better Discoveries and Demo, improving our close rate dramatically.

Philip Spain

Founder and CEO,

I am already running a successful consultancy, but I started my own SaaS company.

Giulio helped me put together the offer in a more enticing way, as well as building the prospecting process to deliver regular meetings.

Luckily, we hit a strong market need, so only with well-targeted cold email campaigns did we start generating meetings regularly.

Danny Miller

Founder and CEO, Need To Know

While I had a great product using generative AI, we target very big enterprises, so getting through is not always easy.

With Giulio’s help, we built an automated outbound campaign that helped us secure meetings with large entities like Mercedes and BMW.

I liked his way of making difficult concepts simple and repetable.

Christian Reich

Founder and CEO, Visense AG

When Giulio reached out we were looking for a way to secure more meetings and validate our product.

He was instrumental not just in formulating a more compelling offer but also in setting up the whole outbound process, from calling to emails to LinkedIn.

We now sit with a waiting list of over 50 prospects for our startup.

Juris Baums

Founder and COO, Hyperjob

Ready to get started?

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