Omnichannel sales outreach could be the solution to surviving the recession as a salesperson.

The whole of the sales world is desperate for more meetings. Buyers are scared and unresponsive.

However, people still buy. If you can increase your meetings by 15%, what would your sales figures look like?

Even in the worse recessions, the contraction is 50%.

You can either get half the results or work twice as hard (or smart).

Alternatively, give up and quit sales.

The choice is yours.

In this article, I’ll discuss how you can use an omnichannel sales outreach strategy to get a 15%+ meeting rate.

Am I full of shit?

Possibly, but unlike most self-appointed gurus, I won’t tell you this will happen overnight or in 3 simple steps.

No, this will be hard, and you’ll have to apply yourself.


What you’ll get today:

  • A clear why behind multiple follow-ups
  • Omnichannel sales outreach and Combo strategy
  • Multichannel sequences are king
  • The different channels and how to use them
  • A sequence example


But.. but.. He didn’t reply to my second email; surely, he’s not keen.

People are mad busy.

And the data is clear: the minimum amount of follow-ups you should do is 3.

For enterprise-level decision-makers, the recommended number of touches is 12-16!!!

You won’t get responses from a 1-2 combo; you’re better off leaving sales.

(Yes, I’m pushing your commitment to sales to today).

You must keep following up without being annoying and providing value.

(Easier said than done).

I’ll be writing about how to follow up in a later episode.

The takeaway is: Follow up many times and often.

Otherwise, you’ll simply be forgotten.

Will you annoy some prospects now and again? Hell yeah.

But you will also get many more meetings.


I find McDonald’s digusting.

Yet, I’ll consider it if I’m desperate in a foreign country.


Because I can trust they will deliver what I expect.

I’m familiar with McDonald’s.

Building familiarity is a necessary step before trust.

Using different channels is the best way to build familiarity.

Your approach will be slightly different if it comes across LinkedIn.

Different from an email.

Or a call.

The more channels you use, the more you will build familiarity.

Limiting yourself to one channel because you prefer it will yield fewer results.

Final point: Not everyone is blessed with a wide market.

If you have a huge total addressable market and like emails, just go for that.

You are playing the numbers game.

But if you’ve got a niche market, driving up responses from specific accounts is crucial.


(in my order of preference)

  1. Referrals: The King of all channels, if you can get referred, do so.
  2. Networking: Nothing can beat face-to-face. If you have the chance ensure you go to as many live and online events as possible
  3. Phone: The first true cold outreach channel and also the most effective.
  4. Emails: Still one of the highest revenue bringers for any company.
  5. LinkedIn: A newer player but with great potential.
  6. Videos: A great way to create a face interaction (yet requires an open communication channel)
  7. Voicemail: Statistics are clear; leaving voicemails (also on LinkedIn) works to build familiarity.
  8. WhatsApp: I booked meetings via WhatsApp, yep.
  9. SMS: A massively undervalued tool, especially with older generations.
  10. Slack/Twitter/Other channels: I’ve never tried these, so I can’t say much.

So yeah, there are TEN channels you can use to get in touch with your prospects.

I bet you didn’t think there would be so many, right?

Task: Commit to at least three channels with two more as a backup.


Tony Hughes wrote the amazing COMBO Prospecting.

The logic is exceptionally simple:

For each of your prospects, you should execute a COMBO, i.e. a triple touch across three channels in under 3 minutes.

Example: Call, Voicemail, Email.

Or: Call, Voicemail, SMS.

Or: Call, Email, LinkedIn connection request.

You want the prospect to see/hear your name in a short period of time.

This will create familiarity and will therefore increase the chances of a response.

Obviously, the quality of your outreach will play a significant component in your response rate.

Nevertheless, combining at least three channels (if not more) in a short outburst will help you pierce through the noise.

It will help you get noticed by decision-makers.

You’ll probably not be comfortable with so much activity right away.


Being uncomfortable is a sign that you’re moving in the right direction.

Task: Practice your outreach with triplets (ideally, at least 20 different contacts per session) and watch your responses skyrocket.

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