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Growing a startup is not easy


Sales Problems

23% of startups in Europe said their biggest struggle was customer acquisition and sales.



Lead Generation

58% of startups and SMEs quote lead generation as their number one business issue.



Only 40% of startups actually turn a profit.


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HR & Recruitment

You will gain clear insights to get through to your target audience effectively. Selling to HR&Rec is notoriously hard.


Revenue Focus

You will create a revenue generating machine. You will start with enough new opportunities to take the pressure off the rest of the business.

Tailored Approach

Each startup has its own needs and wants. We offer hyper-customisable packages to ensure you get precisely what your business requires.

The Unrefusable offer

Sales courses Online


  • Don’t Miss the Mark: How to Find your Ideal Prospects
  • Make an Unrefusable Offer: How to Pitch your Product
  • Perpetual Lead Machine: How to Generate Meetings
  • From Meeting to Revenue: How to Win Deals
  • The Right Tool for the Job: How to Pick your Tech-Stack
  • Recruitment & HR Secrets: How to Sell to HR and Recruiters


  • The Art of Herding Sellers: How to Manage a Sales Team
  • Finding Partners in Crime: How to Recruit Great Salespeople
  • Training up your Troops: How to Onboard&Train your Sellers


  • Money Please: How to Get More Out of Investors
  • From 24 to 32 Hours Days: How to Manager your Time
  • Unbreakable Mindset: How to Deal with Adversities

    Assemble your ideal package like a LEGO based on your preferences:

    Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Bootstrapped and looking to learn on your own? No problem. You can go at your own pace with our course. It includes all the subjects in the Key Areas of Focus plus 2 hours of 1on1 consulting to ensure results. 

    Done With You (DWY)

    Would you like guidance but still lead the change? We’ll look at which areas you’d like assistance on and put together a fitting solution.

    Done For You (DFY)

    Do you prefer to sit back and let the magic happen? We’ll take care of the whole process for you, as far as selling on your behalf (dependant on availability).


    We offer a range of pricing to accommodate all situations:

    Fixed Fee

    A project-based fee will be discussed before the start of the collaboration. It will be tied to specific deliverables to ensure results.

    Satisfied or Reimbursed

    There’s a lot of poor-quality consulting out there; if you want to reduce your risk, we will set a guarantee for our work.

    Partial Equity

    Are you looking to offset some of the cost by offering equity? No problem. We will evaluate your pitch deck and discuss this option.

    Success Fee

    We’re confident in the quality of our work, so, depending on what you require, we can offer a part of our fee to be performance-based fees, taking the entire risk on our shoulders.


    Underdog to Lion, THe Founder


    After graduating in Philosophy from the University of Aberdeen, I found it didn’t open quite as many doors. I found myself going down the HR route, and Recruitment seemed an “easy” way in. I was lucky enough to join a company with a sales approach to recruiting and an excellent training program.


    It was no easy way in. Some days I felt like a fraud, resulting in humour and self-pity to go through the darkest days. 


    After a baptism of fire, I realised I loved selling and helping clients find the right staff for their teams. My passion was gaining new clients, and I started managing entry-levels, helping them do the same.


    Our insane Founder decided that all our Directors should have Ferraris. I was lucky enough to be the second Director of the company, and I was given this beauty at age 27. My love for sales and helping others succeed grew stronger.


    After nine years of recruitment and sales I reached the top and decided it was time for my next challenge. I gave up my beautiful car and started my own consultancy. HR Tech Lions was created to help Recruitment and HR Tech startups grow and succeed.

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    Multichannel prospecting

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    Are you ready to become a lion?

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