Never Miss Quota Again

12-Week Cold Calling Bootcamp

Learn to ace cold calling from the mistakes I made in 100k+ calls over 9 years

(resulting in 1million+ in commission)

“Giulio’s passion for cold calling and prospecting is contagious. I’d recommend him for his passion and interest in helping junior and underperforming salespeople to get better.”

Salespeople Coached!

Average 4.7/5 Rating!

Having had the privilege of recently being trained by Giulio, I can wholeheartedly say that their expertise and teaching methodology are unparalleled.”

I already had a solid background in cold calling but never worked for a SaaS company.

Giulio helped me move into the HR Tech space and adapt my style to a different audience.

Under his supervision, I ramped up ina couple of weeks to be hitting my quota regularly.

Filip Bucek

BDR, Evidenced

I contacted Giulio after seeing his cheatsheet on cold call openers.

I had just started building out my company and needed to validate my idea with meetings.

He took a very simple, no-nonsense approach to cold calling, and within a couple of sessions, I was already having good conversations.

After 4 hours I am now regularly booking meetings.

Mateusz Wiącek

Founder & SDR, TaalHammer

I reached out to Giulio after seeing several of his TikToks as I was looking to improve my cold calling as the main salesperson in my company.

After only 2 hours, I had already developed a working framework and booked meetings. After 5 hours, I consistently booked a meeting every 3 hours of calling.

I particularly appreciated the simple and positive feedback that helped me improve.

C. Noah Schneiders

BDR, Perlentaucher

Do these three sound familiar?👇🏻

Phone Anxiety?

You won’t be fearful if you know what you’re doing.

Objections an Issue?

If you can deal with all objections, you’ll be unstoppable.

Inconsistent Results?

A clear framework and solid skillset will give you predictable outcomes.

Let’s make them disappear.

What you’ll get:

A 3-month programme of 1 hour each week for a bank-breaking 599 USD.

12 weeks is long enough to build consistent habits. You’ll get to the point where booking 1 or even 2 meetings per session is no longer a dream.

Week 1

Kick-off Call & Cold Calling Mindset

You’ll learn how to make the most out of the Bootcamp and the right approach to cold calling.

Week 2

The Opener: Don’t Get Hung Up on

You’ll build your own ideal opener to maximise the chances of having conversations.

Week 3

The Pitch: Get Prospects to Listen

If your problem statement resonates with prospects, your job will be much simpler.

Week 4

Structure: Gain Predictable Results

You want a clear plan you can follow in each cold calls, that’s how you’ll get consistent results.

Week 5

Call Reluctance & Time Management

The phone won’t pick up itself, and your brain will fight you on it. You’ll learn how to overcome both.

Week 6

Objections: From No to Maybe

Learning how to deal with objections consistently will help you turn negative calls into possibilities.

Week 7

Questioning: How to Get to the Truth

Your job is to dig deep and find out if you can help the prospect. Great questions will help you do so.

Week 8

Objections 2: From Maybes to Yeses

You’ll deepen your understanding of objections to turn potentials into meetings.

Week 9

(Dis)Qualification: Don’t Get Ghosted

If you’re qualifying the problem well enough, prospects will want to know more.

Week 10

The One Last Question: Book More

You’ll sometimes be backed into a corner. That doesn’t mean you’re done.

Week 11

Closing: Don’t Lose Out on Good Calls

Closing is easy if you’ve done the rest right. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t master it.

Week 12

Review of Bootcamp and Q&A

You will want to lock all the learnings in and clarify any last doubts.

Extra Topics

Attitude; Tonality; Discipline

These will be sprinkled throughout the sessions.

They’re the pillar of cold calling performance.

Extra Perks

Invite-only Underdog Slack Channel Membership

3-month Access to Cold Calling Roleplay Software

Forever Access to Recordings and Workbooks.

Next Bootcamp Starting in September

Who is this for?


Feeling like you got to pierce through the noise and go the extra mile?

Salespeople and Recruiters

Or any other professional needing to cold call to generate pipeline.

Humble, Motivated Individuals

Without these qualities, you’ll struggle to learn and apply the training.

Who am I?

From Philosophy Graduate to Recruiter

After graduating with a degree in philosophy and few career prospects in 2013, I joined a recruitment agency with a solid sales training.

From Recruiter to Sales Director (with Ferrari)

By 2017 (age 27), I had built a business unit of 40+ people with an annual revenue of £3m, relying exclusively on cold calling and was awarded a California T as a company car (completely mental, I know).

From Sales Director to Ferrari-less Entrepreneur

After nine years of recruitment and sales, I’d reached the top and decided it was time to start working independently as a sales trainer.

I gave up my shiny car, and I now help other underdog salespeople and companies achieve their goals through proactive, phone-based prospecting.

Giulio with ferrari

Ready to join me?

Corporate Testimonials

Giulio’s passion for cold calling and prospecting is contagious. He built a business unit from scratch by building a team of 40+ cold callers.

I’d recommend him for his passion and interest in helping junior and underperforming salespeople to get better.

Ben Jones

CEO, NonStop Consulting

Having had the privilege of recently being trained by Giulio, I can wholeheartedly say that their expertise and teaching methodology are unparalleled.

He possesses a deep understanding of sales dynamics, techniques, and the nuances that make a difference in the real world. Anyone looking to elevate their sales game would be fortunate to learn from them. Highly recommended!

Gary Ward

Managing Director, GPW

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?

599 USD or equivalent in EUR or GBP.

How many people are in the Bootcamp?

The bootcamp is capped at 12 people.

Is there a money back guarantee?


However, if you have personal issues I will be happy to move you to a later bootcamp.


How are the sessions structured?
  • 10 minutes recap and questions on previous
  • 20 minutes of presentation and brainstorming
  • 20 minutes of practice and roleplays
  • 10 minutes wrap up and tasks for next time
Can my employer pay for this?

Of course. It’s common practice.

If you’re struggling to persuade them, reach out, I may be able to help.

What if I miss a session?

They’re all recorded, and you’ll have forever access to them.

When are the sessions?

Every Thursday starting the 7th of May at 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST.

What if I have more questions?

Best to reach out via LinkedIn:

Why should I sign up?

You shouldn’t.

You won’t pick up the phone if you’re doubting whether to invest 500 USD to make 1,000s more.

This is only if you’re committed to making cold calling work, which most people aren’t.


Is the Bootcamp right for you?

Not Ready to Join Yet?

You can still access loads of Underdog Sales FREE content to help you improve your pipelines and close those deals.

Check out the forever-free Cold Calling Wiki full of content to help you plan, practice, and achieve.

Content includes planning your call structure, crafting your perfect opener, delivering your pitch, overcoming objections, and closing.

It also includes content on mindset, attitude, tonality, cadences, and tech.

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