F*ck Struggling with Cold Calling!

Make it work with the combination of the Cold Calling for Underdogs Course built on top of a cold-calling-only community.

Do these three sound familiar?πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Phone Anxiety?

You won’t be fearful if you know what you’re doing.

Objections an Issue?

If you can deal with all objections, you’ll be unstoppable.

Inconsistent Results?

A clear framework and solid skillset will give you predictable outcomes.

Let’s make them disappear.

What you’ll get:

12 Modules to help you master the full cold call lifecycle. You’ll also get games, quizzes, examples AND roleplay software to master it all. Finally, free access to a community to answer any of your questions.


Module One: Mindset

You can’t cold call if your mind isn’t in it.

Module Two: The Opener

Learn how to craft the right cold call opener for you.

Module Three: The Pitch

Craft the perfect pitch to capture your prospects’ attention.

Module Four: The Structure

The only way to get predictable results is with a clear structure.

Module Five: Objections

Understanding how to deal with prospects’ objections is the most crucial skill.

Bonus: Objections Workbook

To help you practice overcoming the mot common objections.

Module Six: Qualifying Questions

Stop over-answering prospects’ questions – you’ll just put them off.

Module Seven: (Dis)Qualifying

Learn how to attract the right prospects and eliminate the irrelevant ones as quickly as possible.

Module Eight: One Last Question

Possibly the most magical trick to boost your cold calls.

Module Nine: Closing

You can’t do all this work then screw it up at the end, right?

Bonus Module: The Gatekeeper

You can’t cold call if you don’t even reach the decision maker. Learn how to fix that.

Bonus Module: Understanding Performance

You can’t improve performance if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

Are you ready for the most interactive cold call training?

“Giulio’s passion for cold calling and prospecting is contagious.Β I’d recommend him for his passion and interest in helping junior and underperforming salespeople to get better.”

Salespeople Coached!

Average 4.8/5 Rating!

(Nothing is EVER Perfect)

Having had the privilege of recently being trained by Giulio, I can wholeheartedly say that their expertise and teaching methodology are unparalleled.”

Who am I?

From Philosophy Graduate to Recruiter

After graduating with a degree in philosophy and few career prospects in 2013, I joined a recruitment agency with a solid sales training.

From Recruiter to Sales Director (with Ferrari)

By 2017 (age 27), I had built a business unit of 40+ people with an annual revenue of Β£3m, relying exclusively on cold calling and was awarded a California T as a company car (completely mental, I know).

From Sales Director to Ferrari-less “Weirdest Cold Calling Trainer”

After nine years of recruitment and sales, I’d reached the top and decided it was time to start working independently as a sales trainer.

I gave up my shiny car, and I now help other underdog salespeople and companies achieve their goals through a psychological and stand out approach.

Giulio with ferrari

Ready to get better?

Who is this for?



Feeling like you got to pierce through the noise and go the extra mile?


Salespeople and Recruiters

Or any other professional needing to cold call to generate pipeline.


Humble, Motivated Individuals

Without these qualities, you’ll struggle to learn and apply the training.





(Or GBP & EUR equivalent)

Subscription: 1-month access, cancel anytime

What you get:

Community Access:

  • Access to limitless feedback
  • Exclusive cold calling content
  • Network with other cold callers
  • Weekly Q&A with me
  • Monthly Webinars

Underdog (43 spots left)

The Course


(Or EUR & GBP Equivalent)

One- time payment: access the course forever

What you get:

Cold Calling for Underdogs Course:

  • 12 Interactive Modules
  • 70+ Quizzes and Games
  • Social Learning with others
  • Cheatsheets, examples and templates
  • Roleplay Software

    Top Dog (43 Spots left)

    Course & Community


    (Or EUR & GBP Equivalent)

    Subscription: course forever + 3 month free community access, cancel anytime

    What you get:

    Community Access:

    • Access to limitless feedback
    • Exclusive cold calling content
    • Network with other cold callers
    • Weekly Q&A with me
    • Monthly Webinars
    • 3 month free

    Cold Calling for Underdogs Course:

    • 12 Interactive Modules
    • 70+ Quizzes and Games
    • Social Learning with others
    • Cheatsheets, examples and templates
    • Roleplay Software


    I’ve been cold calling for over ten years and I still learned plenty from this course.

    The material is presented in bite-sized chunks so it’s easy to work the training into your day even if you don’t have loads of spare time.

    Most important, the framework he presents delivers tangible results! Apply the teaching and you’ll be booking more, and higher-quality, meetings, in next to no time. If you’re cold-calling this course is a must


    Jim Watts

    Business Development Manager, Network Scientific

    Before learning Giulio’s methodology I was already performing well.

    Yet, understanding how to leverage psychology in cold calls sky rocketed my performance.

    After only 10 weeks of learning I find myself in the top performer role.


    Olly Joyce

    SDR, Red Flag Alert

    Giulio’s course is excellent to learn a modern way to cold call.

    His focus on psychology rather than outdated frameworks truly makes the difference.

    His speed of response in giving feedback will help you develop quickly.


    Dan Frederick

    Oncology Consultant, Weatherby Healthcare

    I already had a solid background in cold calling but never worked for a SaaS company.

    Giulio helped me move into the HR Tech space and adapt my style to a different audience.

    Under his supervision, I ramped up ina couple of weeks to be hitting my quota regularly.


    Filip Bucek

    BDR, Evidenced

    I reached out to Giulio after seeing several of his TikToks as I was looking to improve my cold calling as the main salesperson in my company.

    After only 2 hours, I had already developed a working framework and booked meetings. After 5 hours, I consistently booked a meeting every 3 hours of calling.

    I particularly appreciated the simple and positive feedback that helped me improve.

    C. Noah Schneiders

    BDR, Perlentaucher

    I was already very confident when I started learning from Giulio and wasn’t concerned about cold calling.

    Yet, the learnings, especially around mindset and attitude are what helped me move to the next level.

    After a few weeks I saw my performance improve and got considerably better on the phone!


    Naydene Varnicker

    Business Development Manager, Altgen

    And many more…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is it?

    The first 50 will pay 169.69 USD (or equivalent), price will be going up to keep quality in.


    What will I learn?

    Every Thursday starting the 7th of May at 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST.

    Why the hell should I listen to this Italian guy?

    The bootcamp is capped at 12 people.

    Is there a money back guarantee?


    However, if you have personal issues I will be happy to move you to a later bootcamp.


    How are the modules structured?
    • 10 minutes recap and questions on previous
    • 20 minutes of presentation and brainstorming
    • 20 minutes of practice and roleplays
    • 10 minutes wrap up and tasks for next time
    Can my employer pay for this?

    I don’t care who pays but ensure you register with your email.

    What type of support will I have?

    Other than the quizzes, games and supporting documents you’ll get access to me and other cold callers part of the Cold Calling Pack to improve.

    We’re all in this tough gig together.


    How do I buy?

    There are a bazillion yellow buttons you can get 3 months access to both course and community in two clicks.

    Convinced yet?

    Not Covinced?

    You can still access loads of Underdog Sales FREE content to help you improve your pipelines and close those deals.

    Check out the forever-free Cold Calling Wiki full of content to help you plan, practice, and achieve.

    Content includes planning your call structure, crafting your perfect opener, delivering your pitch, overcoming objections, and closing.

    It also includes content on mindset, attitude, tonality, cadences, and tech.

    Or, if you aren’t already, join me over on social media where I discuss all things sales, give daily tips, and even let you in on my cold calls.

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