Building a personal brand in sales could seem like an unnecessary luxury or like hard work.

“I don’t know what to write.”

“I’m not creative.”

“I’m shy.”

We’ve all been there.

Building a personal brand is a long, complicated process.

However, it is a fundamental step for sales success in 2023.

Connects with buyers will happen over time, and they will look you up.

How you present yourself online will improve the chances of getting a response.

And will drastically improve positive responses.

My results are modest, which is likely why you can relate to them:

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I gained almost 3,000 followers in the last 12 months, so I’m doing something right.

In this article, you’ll get some tips on what worked for me based on a few courses I took and much practice.

As usual, the only way upward is by practising, so get ready to do some work.


In this episode, you’ll read about:

  • How to pick topics
  • How to write your first posts
  • How to build momentum
  • Sales applications
  • Final tips and tricks


What should you write about?

You may like Star Wars and cats.

Chances are they’re not the best LinkedIn topics.

Your safest bet is to write about your prospect’s pains and desires.

If you’re stuck, feel free to look at this previous article.

You should compile a list of 8-10 topics that satisfy two points:

  1. They’re either pains or wants of your prospects
  2. Do you like these topics

Number 2 is crucial.

You will not write about the subject if you don’t enjoy it.

Are you still stuck?

Use this simple ChatGPT prompt.

“Act as (ICP) of a (vertical); please compile a list of 20 topics you’d like to read about on LinkedIn based on your most common pains and desired outcomes”.

You can then rephrase and tinker until you have your ideal ten topics.

You can store the topics on Notion or whatever you use to manage your time.

Task: Set up a Notion page dedicated to your brand and pick the ten topics.


That daunting white page.

You know the feeling.

You’d rather pull a fingernail out than start typing.

And that’s the most challenging part.

Just start typing.

Your first attempt is probably going to suck.

Don’t worry; LinkedIn will boost the crap out of it to motivate you.

“But.. but.. I’m stuck.”

Alright then.

Follow these simple tips:

  • Write for the sake of writing. The first draft should be all about quantity. Forget anything else; write.
  • Imagine you’re writing to a friend. You will feel less pressure and will write more efficiently.
  • Use your personality; a lot. The more authentic your writing, the better. The important thing is to write.
  • Revise, revise, revise. You then change a couple of times. Your monster of an article will be more readable.
  • Add relevant hashtags

Task: Write your first post.

You’re done.


You’ve completed the first step in building your brand.


You’ve done it once; you can do it again.

Most gurus will advocate writing your posts in advance.

I don’t.

You’ll get fatigued quickly.

Also: an activity done once per week is an obligation.

An activity done every day is a habit.

Every day I save 30 minutes to write.

And that’s my tomorrow’s post done.

This will allow you to get inspired by other people’s posts.

And build a habit.

How often should you post?

Start simple 1-2 times per week.

Your goal is eventually to post every day.

Including weekends.

LinkedIn rewards consistency.

The more often you post, the more results you’ll get.

Task: Create a posting schedule and block your calendar.

However, there are other essential activities besides posting.

The best way to get engagement is to engage.

Find other people talking about your subject and engage with them.

How to engage:

  • Leave thoughtful comments
  • DM them to ask for tips
  • Study their best-performing content

Leave at least ten comments per day.

You will gain more followers and show you’re active in the space.

Task: Find ten other creators for your niche and start engaging with them.


If you do things right, your prospect will engage.

Once they do, don’t let that go to waste.

This is the prime time to reach out.

I’d suggest a multi-channel approach starting with the phone.

More on that here.

The beauty of it?

This is no longer cold outreach.

Finally, don’t let profile views go to waste.

If a prospect visits your profile, please just treat it in the same way.


First of all, here’s what I spent my money on:

  • “Everybody Writes” is a fantastic book on copywriting
  • Justin Welsh’s copywriting course
  • Matt Barker’s templates (just to get started)

If you want inspiration from the people I follow, check my activity.

You’ll see plenty of creators there.

Here are also proven frameworks you can use:


Attention: Pull them in

Information: What it’s about

Desire: The problem worth solving

Conviction: Prove that this offer works

Action: Copy used to nudge taking action

2. BAB

Before: Life before the transformation

After: Life After the transformation

Bridge: Transformation process

3. PAS

Problem: Thing you want to solve

Agitate: Storytelling to drive emotion

Solution: your tool to solve the problem

Feel free to use them for your posts.


  • Write addressing the reader
  • Use simple language
  • Draw the reader in with a great hook

You’re ready to build your brand; good luck!

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