About gsc



Just a crazy seller who thought the easy corporate life was too comfortable.

I help small and medium companies (sorry, I don’t care about the big players increasing profit by 0,1 %) boost sales performance.

Their pains are usually related to low levels of outbound activity or inefficient framework.

The core of my work is bespoke sales training and consulting solutions. As a solopreneur, I can basically do what I want 🙂


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THE mission

To turn underdog sellers into sales lions. Everyone can master the sales game, and join “the circle”.



Sales Course


A Win-Win attitude with a buyer-centric mindset

Sales courses Online


Solutions forged through data and experience.

the sales mentor


Consistency paves the road to success.

The Founder

In 2013, while finishing my studies at the University of Aberdeen, I noticed writing just above the toilet paper. “Collect your Philosophy degree below”.
As a graduate of Philosophy, I was concerned about my future. I found a job in sales shortly after that, and my life changed.

Over the last ten years, I rose from foot soldier to Sales Director of a 40 people recruitment business unit with annual revenue of over 3 million GBP (and received this beauty on the right as my company car).

My real passion resided in training the new troops and helping them succeed, just as my own future was saved.

Hence why I now turn Underdogs into Lions.


"Giulio built a 3 million GBP per year business from scratch. His passion for prospecting helped many sellers turn a corner.

Ben Jones, CEO of NonStop Consulting

"I loved Giulio's straightforward approach to teaching sales. After only eight hours of training and mentoring, I went from getting two to a minimum of eight opportunities per week."

Mike Handa, Director of BNI

"Giulio built the sales process for our start-up from scratch. His methods are easy to grasp, yet the results are superb. We're now generating 78% more leads weekly without extra effort!"

Lukáš Šiml, CEO of Adwheels

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